Did you know in Iowa...

  • Millions of Americans wish to adopt an infant, but fewer than 12,000 infants are available for adoption each year in the United States.

  • There are more than 900 children living in foster care whose parental rights have been terminated who are waiting to be adopted.

  • Adoptive parents do NOT always have equal benefit rights as birth parents in the workplace.

  • Hundreds of people are victims of adoption fraud every year.

We need your help to:

  • Raise awareness and provide education for adoption.

  • Improve Iowa policies to make all types of adoption simpler for everyone involved.

  • Create laws making it a fraudulent act to operate adoption scams in Iowa.

  • Promote equality for families in the workplace. Birth parents may receive parental leave for bonding with their child, but in the very same workplace, adoptive parents do not always receive similar benefits.

  • Increase the number of children who are adopted from foster care.


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