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  • Donated thousands of dollars to families who were in the final stages of adopting a child. 

  • Helped numerous families finalize adoptions via advocacy, support and navigating systems.

  • Collaborated with individuals, professionals and policymakers to change laws that:

    • ​Reduce adoption fraud

    • Allow non-profit adoption agencies to serve as Safe Haven locations

    • Provide adults who were adopted in Iowa to receive their original birth certificate

    • Make all types of adoptions in Iowa easier for all involved

  • Created and disseminated educational materials to:

    • ​Increase the number of children who are adopted from foster care

    • Educate birth family members about the option of adoption

  • Raised awareness of adoption and foster care through presentations, radio outlets, newspapers, TV segments, events and social media. 

  • Promoted equality for parental leave in the workplace and supported companies that provide adoptive parents the same leave as birth parents.

  • Hosted various adoption-related events such as The Gingerbread Run/Walk for Adoption & Iowans for Adoption Gala. 

  • ​Held educational adoption presentations at conferences across Iowa.

  • Covered registration fees and provided shirts for hundreds of children in foster care so that they could participate in statewide events.

Iowans for Adoption is made up of a passionate group of volunteers who dedicate their time, talents and resources to promoting adoption through education, public awareness and collaboration. We welcome all volunteers, donors and advocates to join us in our efforts. Please visit our Volunteer page to find out how you can help.

We serve as a nonpartisan networking and advocacy group to promote the options of adoption and parenting to improve children’s and families’ overall well-being. We provide free materials, resources and speaking engagements to educate others about all aspects of adoption.

For more information on who we are and what we do, click here. 

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